Previously, in Visual Poetry

Over at his Visual Language Lab blog, Neil Cohn has posted a short reminiscence about the early conversations he and I had that led to my interest in trying out the structured poetic forms that will define Two for No. Those were great conversations, which I look forward to continuing with Neil as Tym and I continue to put Neil’s ideas into practice!

Additionally, Neil reminds readers that Tym and I aren’t the first to play in this sandbox. In addition to exploring other ideas about visual poetry, Grant Thomas tried out Neil’s reducto specifically in a series of abstract graphic poems. Two for No will not reach far in the direction of the kind of abstract work Grant was doing (and as much of a booster as I am for collaborative work, I have to admit that abstraction is a very difficult goal to pursue collaboratively), so if you’d like to see another interesting set of ideas about how this form can be used, you should go check out his work.

And also, if abstraction’s your bag, you should definitely have a look at Tym’s own journal comic at Mostly Banal, where he does lovely work in blending journalistic text with abstract imagery to wonderful effect.