About The Authors

Alexander Danner scripts Two for No. He has collaborated on short formalist comics with Neal Von Flue and John Barber, along with a few misguided solo projects. His longer projects include the Picture Story Theater (which is also secretly filled with formalist experiments) with Bill Duncan and the graphic novel Gingerbread Houses with Edward J. Grug III. All of this and more can be found at  TwentySevenLetters.com. He teaches online courses in the certificate program in Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel at Emerson College.

Tymothi Godek draws the strips. He’s drawn many comics for both web and print, including the over 30-foot long continuous comic strip, !, published under the then coveted (now dearly departed) Xeric Foundation self-publishing grant. His sometimes abstract, awfully elliptical journal comic and sketchblog, mostly banal, has run off and on in various forms since 2005. He lives in Ohio with his wife and two children.

Tym’s real name is Tim. He spells it wrong on purpose. He’s been spelling it wrong for so long now that he doesn’t even remember why he started. He’s pretty sure he had a reason. Alexander has no real name.


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