Meet Me at Boston Comic Con

For those of you in the Boston area–I will be attending Boston Comic Con this weekend (Sunday only), at the Seaport World Trade Center. You can find me at the Emerson College table in Artists’ Alley. I won’t be selling anything, as I’ll be representing the school, but I’d still be glad to chat about craft or theory or what-all else might be of interest. And, of course, if you have any questions about Emerson’s online certificate program in Graphic Novel Writing and Illustration, I’d be delighted to discuss that as well. (I teach the writing and literature classes. If you come on Saturday, you’ll be able to talk to Andy Fish, who teaches the illustration and art history classes.)

And if you really want to see a little something of my more literal dabbling in poetry in comics, you’ll be able to find Zack Giallongo at the show as well, with copies of his wonderful YA barbarian adventure, Broxo, which happens to contain a lullaby that I wrote.