The Ubiquity

Today we’re introducing a new form! This is an especially chaotic approach that plays with the power of comics to deal in simultaneous information. In this case, the entire page represents a single moment in time, seen from multiple points of view. Built on a nine panel grid, each corner is a direct first-person perspective of a different character, with the remaining five panels providing additional views of the scene or event. There are not rules regarding the content or text, save that no time progression may occur between panels.

This form description has been added to the permanent About page. Look for the first comic using this concept just a little later today!


2 thoughts on “The Ubiquity

  1. I really liked the experiment. Problem is, I feel, that no matter how much explanation you give about the moment singularity expressed by the different panels, the rules of the language force us (well, me at least) to read it as a sequence in time. I guess this says a lot about comics as a language. The only way I imagine the sequence could have been turned into a single repeated moment is by having some visual elements repeating in a static fashion from one panel to the other. Being dialogue sequential in nature, perhaps relaying on it for this effect was not enough.

    But, hey, I really love your pages! And even if I read this one as sequential in time, it made perfect meaning to me.


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Simud! I agree that convincing an audience to read the images non-temporally is a big, possibly insurmountable challenge, but the cognitive dissonance the effort creates is one of the things I like about playing in this form. I’ve got two more of these scripted, each using different techniques to try to communicate the lack of temporal movement, so I look forward to seeing which are most successful at achieving that result. If I had to place I bet, I’d guess the one I’ve scripted with no dialogue at all will be the most convincing, but I’d love to hear more opinions as we move through them!

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